5 Roles Social Media Marketing Plays in a Crisis – Accountingweb.com

5 Roles Social Media Marketing Plays in a Crisis – Accountingweb.com

Social media is taking on an even more vital role during this pandemic as people turn to social channels and digital platforms for news, updates and person-to-person connections to help ease the challenges of isolation.

As part of an accounting firm’s marketing strategy, social media can fulfill five primary roles in an outreach plan that can be implemented, monitored and maintained by remote employees, including:

Networking: Social media’s original role, as the name implies, was to be an open communications channel enabling individuals to socialize on a variety of levels. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn enable accounting professionals to reach out and engage current and prospective clients and build both their brand and thought leadership with helpful and valuable content.

Content Promotion: Creating a social media marketing strategy to promote appropriate content that helps viewers address financial and tax-related issues via different channels will help build your reputation, visibility, and industry leadership. It’s an ideal way to build a solid, respected brand identity and gain market share, especially during an unsettled period such as this when other firms might be ignoring marketing. However, it’s important to avoid “selling.” Focus instead on educating and supporting clients and prospects who may be struggling to get answers right now to changes affecting compliance, reporting and filing during this pandemic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Social media is a valuable way to boost online visibility through SEO. Social media content is searchable, so sharing content widely enables you to attract organic links, which have a clear impact