Search Engine Marketing Is Still An Opportunity – Forbes

Search Engine Marketing Is Still An Opportunity – Forbes

Here’s a little bit of history for you:

  • Search engines date back to 1990 when Archie provided internet users an index of downloadable directory listings
  • Yahoo was invented in January 1994, becoming the world’s first commercial search engine
  • Google launched in September 1998, becoming synonymous with search in popular culture 

 Conventional wisdom says that search engine marketing is a mature category. 

Is it? 

According to a McKinsey study, employees spent 1.8 hours for day searching and gathering information, over 9 hours a week. Yet, the average person spends under 2 hours per week searching on Google. By my calculations, that’s 7 hours of search engine marketing opportunities. 

As more and more of my life migrates to my home in the Hudson Valley, I find myself searching for things I haven’t looked for in some time. Over the weekend, it became clear to me just how many categories still are not customer-centric in their search strategies and execution.

Health. Searching for new healthcare practitioners shouldn’t be as hard as it is. There are multiple databases, some from insurance providers, others from hospital networks, still others from ratings services and referral networks. Some are public, some are