10 Tips for Turbocharging Your Search Engine Marketing Returns – Bytestart

10 Tips for Turbocharging Your Search Engine Marketing Returns – Bytestart

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Getting noticed online is harder than ever. Not only are there more websites out there than ever before but the established players in most niches are firmly entrenched at the top of SERPs.

If you want your website to get anywhere near those coveted top three spots you need to look at ways to improve your online marketing.

We asked Digital Marketing Agency, Go Mungo SEO to give us their top 10 tips to turbocharge your next SEM campaign. Here is what they say;

1. Be Clear and Reasonable with Your Budget

Before you execute any marketing campaign, you should be clear about what your available budget is. The budget that you have available to you will determine what techniques you can realistically explore and which marketing channels you will be able to exploit most effectively.

Money isn’t everything, and money alone doesn’t make a great marketing campaign. However, it is almost certainly going to be the most important limiting factor that restricts your available options.

Setting a realistic budget isn’t difficult. However, it can be tempting to ‘play it safe’ and make more than enough money available. Adding some headroom to your budget isn’t a bad idea, but a bottomless bank account creates problems of its own.

It isn’t just the financial expenditure. Putting clear budget parameters in place forces your marketing team to carefully think about how they are