Effective UGC Campaigns Hint At A New Wave Of Digital Marketing – Digital Media Solutions

Effective UGC Campaigns Hint At A New Wave Of Digital Marketing – Digital Media Solutions

User-generated content (UGC) has become a popular trend used within marketing strategies, as it presents an organic and real-life perspective for consumers. More and more consumers are gravitating toward brands that implement UGC, with a recent study revealing 96% of consumers are now wary of traditional advertisements.

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According to Social Media Today, 93% of consumers say UGC is helpful when they are considering a purchase. Millennials, specifically, rely heavily on UGC as a “good indicator” as to whether or not a brand or product is high-quality. For brands questioning whether to implement UGC campaigns into their marketing strategy, Social Media Today found that companies incorporating UGC have seen a 20% spike in repeat visitors to their websites, and an increase in time spent on their websites by 90%.

The success modern-day marketing tactics (like UGC) have had in recent years leads many to believe a new wave of marketing has revealed itself. In order to engage consumers, build brand loyalty and position their brands as “authentic,” many marketers have embraced UGC as a core element of their marketing strategies for customer acquisition and retention. 

Dorito’s: #CrashFromHome

Dorito’s newest UGC campaign celebrates the upcoming return of NFL football, while still reflecting the current state of the country, as many consumers continue to spend more time at home (and find