Build a Data-Driven Content Marketing Program with Your MVA – Business 2 Community

Build a Data-Driven Content Marketing Program with Your MVA – Business 2 Community

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Effective content marketing is an art, but thanks to data, it’s also a science. If you’re a content marketer at all, you’re already using data to guide your strategy and content creation. That’s what makes content into content marketing. But industry leaders don’t stop there.

It’s time to go a step further with data-driven content marketing. You can use your customer service, sales and marketing data to identify your Most Valuable Audience (MVA)—that is, the group of customers who are most likely to convert, come back for more, and advocate for the brand. By targeting this one market segment, you make your content marketing efforts more effective and increase your ROI.

Here’s how to Identify your MVA, gather information on how they find and consume content, and analyze what kind of content will help them convert.

Identify Data on Your Most Valuable Audience

For all of your customers, you should be gathering information on their:

  • Demographics (age, gender, marital status, job, income, etc.)
  • Geographic location
  • Psychographics (values, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, etc.)
  • Behaviors (purchasing history, spending habits, social media use, etc.)

To enrich this data, you can identify your most engaged and most frequent visitors and customers. Data analytics can identify those who spend a lot of time on your site, return to your site over and over again, or who have made repeat purchases. They’re likely to be a fairly small percentage of your overall