Why is Digital Marketing important for your business – YourStory

Why is Digital Marketing important for your business – YourStory

“In business, Words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality.” – Harold S. Geneen

The above quote is good enough to teach us the reality and seriousness of running a business. Every month ten thousands of people open a business and thousands of people quit their businesses because of low return on investment (ROI).

They probably tried their best to fulfil their marketing objectives but they still failed to reach their target audience.

You wanna know the reason why?

It’s likely because they didn’t take digital marketing seriously as part of their advertising campaign. The traditional way of marketing is no doubt a powerful way to showcase your business but when it comes to money it can seriously drain your pocket because it’s very expensive.

So the question is why should we opt for an expensive and complicated way of marketing when things can be done in a super friendly way?

Digital Marketing in simple terms is the marketing of products or services through digital mediums on the internet.  So now that you know what is digital marketing, let’s explore in detail why it is important and helpful for your business.

A. Better targeting options

With the help of digital marketing, you can create an advt and precisely spot people who can purchase your products and services. It gets even more interesting when you can directly target your audience using specific demographics such as city, region, age, and gender.

There are approximately 3.48 billion active