Video Content Marketing Leader, Partners with Infront – Martechcube

Video Content Marketing Leader, Partners with Infront – Martechcube

Video optimization startup has launched a joint venture with Infront, a Wanda Sports Group Company, that will take’s technology to Infront’s clients across Europe and the USA.

Infront works with some of the world’s biggest international sports federations and its partners, managing media and marketing rights as well as guiding them on strategies to scale globally. It also provides expertise in extending its clients’ digital presence and offerings, including the use of automated tools and technologies that increase user engagement, content distribution and drive revenue.

Previously, Infront participated in’s series A funding round. Now, a year later, Infront has seen how’s solution portfolio can bring value and innovation to its customers, increasing user engagement and content reach. The new partnership will see Infront sell’s technology as part of their offering to prospective and existing customers in Europe and the US.

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Amit Golan,’s Co-founder and CEO said, “Our new partnership with Infront allows us to bring innovation to sports teams and leagues across the world who are facing more pressure than ever before to generate engagement on their O&O platforms. Furthermore, it provides us with an opportunity to reach more businesses across the world that can benefit from our technology.”

Christian Mueller, Senior Vice President People, Innovation and Corporate Services at Infront said: “We have seen how valuable’s technology can be to several partners and feel confident we can build on this foundation to create further revenue. Attention is currency and as it becomes more valuable