Step Up Your Content Marketing Game With AI – Built In

Step Up Your Content Marketing Game With AI – Built In

Whether you’re running a company, working in a marketing department, or making your way as a freelance writer, you need content. You need to regularly research new topics and output new material to grow your brand awareness. The modern internet is basically a content arms race  the more you can produce, the more eyeballs you’re going to capture. Fortunately, with automation and the right tools, you boost your productivity in content marketing.


Step 0: Navigating Content

The content explosion we’ve seen is a bit of a double-edged sword. More content is available than ever before, but the growing mass of information and social media buzz can make it difficult to find valuable content on any given topic. In particular, raising awareness about your brand or product and making it stand out on the web is increasingly difficult.

Despite the difficulty, content marketing is a great way to grow a business, as I have pointed out previously. But with so much noise out there, how do you make sure your content is visible to your target audience?

Here’s where automation and software come into play. With the right tools, you’ll be able to navigate through the maze of modern content and carve out a niche for you and your business. For the purpose of this article, I’m assuming you have already identified a niche and a target audience, and your goal is to understand this audience better and engage it in conversation through your content.