5 Dangers Of Stereotyping In Strategic Marketing Campaigns – Digital Media Solutions

5 Dangers Of Stereotyping In Strategic Marketing Campaigns – Digital Media Solutions

Advertising campaigns can sometimes have a way of veering toward stereotypical depictions. The obvious danger in choosing to advertise by relying on stereotypes is potential customers becoming alienated and turned off, which is the opposite intention of any marketing strategy. However, there are other more nuanced reasons that stereotyping in marketing is a bad idea. 

Here are five reasons why stereotyping is dangerous for brands:

1. Brands Can Get Pigeonholed If They Only Market Their Product To One Group

Shutterstock_510917605 Cropped image of beautiful woman in protective gloves holding a flat wet-mop and bucket with detergents and rags while cleaning her house

All brands are going to use targeting, an important and effective way to reach certain audience segments that, based on data, location and the use of social listening, have expressed interest in the products and services of that brand. However, when products are only visibly targeted to one audience over and over again, the public perception of that product, and by extension that brand, can get pigeonholed. For example, cleaning products for years were marketed almost exclusively to women, which made increasing purchases by men a steeper hill to climb. Likewise, women working toward a more equality focused lifestyle felt unsupported by many cleaning brands that appeared to promote the idea of women as the people responsible for keeping homes spotless.

2. Consumers Will Balk At Monolithic Generalizations

Circling back to scaring away potential customers, nobody wants to feel diminished or condescended to when looking at or watching an advertisement. Source…