Are You Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy? – CMSWire

Are You Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy? – CMSWire

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Eternal Seconds

Every B2B marketer is doing content marketing in one form or another. You’re strategically distributing various forms of original content to help move buyers through their purchasing journey.

But when’s the last time you took a step back and reviewed your program? Are you being as effective as you could be?

If you’ve been caught up in everyday operations for too long, here are five ways you might be ruining your own content marketing strategy (and how to fix it).

Marketing for the Masses

Look closely at your content: does it have a clear and focused intent? Was it made to solve a certain problem for a specific buyer?

While it’s true that many types of buyers could use parts of your product, it’s easy to lose sight of your true target audience. You get caught up in being “everything to everyone” in the same individual content piece. You’ll quickly realize your marketing messaging is subpar and doesn’t strongly resonate with anyone. 

A good question to ask is, if all of our content didn’t exist tomorrow, would anyone notice?

How to Fix It: Do a content audit and objectively judge your content quality and intent.

Are you resonating with your audience on a deeper level? Are you truly helping them solve their problems?

Sometimes the right answer for a new campaign or piece of content is not to do it. Be honest about your content