How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing – Hospitality Net

How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing – Hospitality Net

How to use Facebook Custom Events and Conversions

Perhaps more than ever, social media is a valuable pathway for hotels to connect directly with travelers. It’s one of the channels where hotels can nurture relationships with past guests and surface new audiences that may be eager to escape the “work from home” reality faced by many.

Social media can also be a place to waste a lot of money! Effective digital marketing has always been about results: capturing the most bookings at the best possible rates at the lowest cost. This imperative has been put into sharper focus due to the budget restraints triggered by the global pandemic. There’s simply no room for sub-optimal performance that wastes marketing spend.

That’s why you need to understand the role of Facebook’s Custom Events and Conversions within your overall digital marketing strategy. By fully leveraging the features of your existing tools, you’ll improve your hotel’s digital marketing so that you capture as much business as possible with your existing budget. Here’s what you need to know — and what you need to do right now — to optimize your spend on one of the most widely-used marketing platforms.

But first: get your Facebook Pixel

Events and conversions are a way to fully leverage your Facebook Pixel. As a refresher, the pixel is a small piece of code installed on your website that allows you to connect activity on Facebook to user behavior on your website. The pixel helps you optimize your spending on Facebook by