5 Analytics Tools You Need to Leverage for Your Business – Business 2 Community

5 Analytics Tools You Need to Leverage for Your Business – Business 2 Community

While running a business, every activity you perform online contributes toward a particular goal.

Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness, generate leads, or acquire customers, you need to track your performance. Fortunately, acquiring data about different marketing campaigns provides these valuable insights.

To acquire these pieces of data though, you need the right tools. Thereby, you can judge the success, or failure, of your campaigns.

In this blog post, I’ll show you 5 analytics tools you need to track your campaigns this year. Better still, these tools track performance on different marketing channels, to help you get a complete overview of all your marketing ROI.

1. Finteza

One of your biggest assets online is your website. After all, you own this platform and it’s less subjected to sudden algorithm changes.

Moreso, most of your marketing campaigns refer visitors to your website. Therefore, you need to know details about your website traffic and conversions.

With Finteza, you can start analyzing your website traffic to gain valuable insights into your visitors. First, you’ll find the country, city, and even the language of your visitors. Furthermore, you can track the operating system and the application your visitor is using.

finteza screenshot 1

Beyond this, you can see your visitors’ devices and the number of visits they account for. Another feature you’ll find useful is the ability to detect visitors’ organizations and IP address. With this, you can understand your audience’s needs better.

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