Bi-Weekly Roundup: Top Marketing & Social Media Updates – Pacifc54 Blog

Bi-Weekly Roundup: Top Marketing & Social Media Updates – Pacifc54 Blog

It seems like as soon as you blink your eyes, digital marketing trends have shifted and the big platforms have released new updates and modifications that you now need to adapt your marketing plan to! Well, no need to worry, we’ve rounded up the top marketing updates and news from around the web. From Google Ads updates to new changes on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, we’ve recapped the most notable news in the online marketing world.

Keep reading for a bi-weekly recap on the top marketing updates and news!

1. Search Engine Land: Google Ads’ Limits on Search Terms Reporting

A hand holding up a phone showing a Google search page

Photo by Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

This article by Search Engine Land explains Google’s new update, which aims to maintain their standards of user privacy by not including search terms unless they have a significant amount of users searching for them. So, what determines how many searches make a search query significant? Advertisers will surely want to know.

As of right now, that information is still to be determined, but it will likely exclude terms that only have one click or impression. Read Search Engine Land’s full article to find out more about this update.

2. Morning Brew: Facebook is Limiting How Many Ads Can Run at the Same Time