How to Know If Your Company Needs a B2B Marketing Agency – Entrepreneur

How to Know If Your Company Needs a B2B Marketing Agency – Entrepreneur

Hiring a B2B marketing agency may be the most beneficial next step for your company (if the price and time is right.)

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Any high-level marketing executive will agree emphatically upon mention of the stress in hiring an outside marketing agency. Sometimes choosing the agency can be seamless, especially if it comes with a trusted recommendation. But there are still additional obstacles to get the partnership off the ground, including getting financial signoff from your CFO or the final go-ahead from the CEO. There’s also the occasionally bumpy transition of information, figuring out who does what, and the rarely avoidable “this is how we do things” conversation between your team and the agency. 

But don’t get us wrong: Hiring an agency, specifically a B2B marketing agency, can be extremely advantageous for your organization. It just has to be the right fit at the . If you’re able to achieve that, your business will reap the benefits.

So how does a marketing lead decide if or when it’s necessary to bring in a third-party agency? Luckily, there are several telltale signs that point to