Five tips to boost paid social media marketing of new and used car sales – AM

Five tips to boost paid social media marketing of new and used car sales – AM

With Q4 now upon us, dealers will be looking at ways to close this challenging year as strongly as possible.

With September plate-change marketing activity behind us, paid social has possibly dropped down the agenda for promoting sales to in-market buyers. 

However, dealers can still achieve some easy wins in new and used car sales thanks to some powerful online tools which can be used across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, amongst other social channels, to add extra layers of performance to their marketing strategy.

Furthermore, paid social’s CPCs are typically lower than they are for paid search. So what’s not to like?

Here are five top five tips for successfully integrating paid social into your ongoing marketing strategy and reach an audience of in-market customers who could be ready to convert.

1. Creating a buzz in your local area (new and used)

When promoting new and used cars, paid social, especially across Facebook and Instagram, is a powerful way to build buzz and awareness within easy reach distance of your dealership.

If your location benefits from a high volume of passing traffic, there is a good chance that people in your area know precisely where you are. But will they know what you currently have on offer?

With paid social targeting, you can target people in the vicinity of your dealership, informing them about the new and used car offers you currently have.

Interest and behavioural targeting can then be overlaid over your geographic targeting, empowering you to reach those who live nearby and have interests relevant