Three Ways to Integrate Print and Digital Marketing –

Three Ways to Integrate Print and Digital Marketing –

In marketing strategies, print and digital often live separate lives. However, although they can be successful on their own, print and digital together can amplify each other’s strengths and create greater impact.

That type of impact is critical in today’s environment as brands work to re-engage customers, communicate new messaging, and stand out.

Luckily, the opportunities for integrating print and digital marketing efforts are continually expanding. Here are three effective strategies you can use now.

1. Create augmented reality experiences with print

In the US, 96% of adults own a cellphone, 81% of them smartphones, according to Pew Research Center. Companies can use that fact to their advantage when developing creative print marketing campaigns. With augmented reality (AR), smartphones allow readers to engage on a new level and bring print messaging to life by overlaying and enhancing a static image using computer-generated perceptual information.

IKEA, an early AR adopter, made news by pairing physical print catalogs with AR technology to allow people to “try out” furniture in their home. Shoppers simply point their smartphone at the catalog and then use the phone camera to “place” the furniture in their surroundings. As Wired pointed out, that has become one of AR’s most important use cases, because it allows customers to interact virtually with a product typically reserved for in-person shopping only.

Especially now, with consumers shopping in-person less, innovation remains important for marketers looking to keep customers engaged and interested. Data from Vertebrae indicates that since the beginning of