The Forgotten Goal That Converts Better Than SEO – Search Engine Journal

The Forgotten Goal That Converts Better Than SEO – Search Engine Journal

It’s no secret that search engine marketing provides one of the best returns on investment in all of marketing.

In most verticals, ranking or bidding on the right keyword can be like printing money.

But even seasoned search engine marketing veterans sometimes forget that search can do more than direct sales.

There is only one channel, in my experience, that beats search engines in terms of return on investment.

And when search is combined with this channel, a supercharged ROI machine is created.

That channel is the opt-in email list.

The Magic of Opt-In Email Lists

One of the things that makes search engine marketing work so well is that the prospects coming to your website have actively searched for your product or service.

This is in contrast to traditional and other forms of online marketing where your message is placed in front of an audience that hasn’t necessarily expressed interest in what you are trying to sell.


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Opt-in email lists are even more focused.

In a well-built opt-in list, you are sending messages to people who have actively expressed interest not just in the product or service you sell, but in your company.

This allows you to send special offers to your most valuable customers.

You can keep your company top-of-mind to those that matter most – real prospective customers.

You can even segment the members of your opt-in list.

Segmentation allows you to offer the best content, or even offers, to the right customers.

For example, by segmenting your email list into those