How Gen Z Is Transforming Digital Marketing – Entrepreneur

How Gen Z Is Transforming Digital Marketing – Entrepreneur

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. Short sentence, long conversation. Gen Z is the that digital marketers need to start homing in on, and the only effective way to do that is through social media. 

The era of the banner ad is dying out, slowly but surely. It might have worked for older, less tech-savvy , but it’s not going to be nearly as effective in the future. 

That’s not just hearsay, either. Banner ads were most effective the first day that one went online, and the popularity of them has been declining ever since. On average, 0.8 percent of people actually click on display ads, and 50 percent of those clicks are accidental. 

That’s a terrifying number, especially when you consider how much money you might be putting into those display ad marketing campaigns. What is even more terrifying, though, is the fact that banner ads are actively harming your . Reports are stating that display ads actually leave a negative impression with potential customers, either of the product or the brand itself. 

The reason for this is ambiguous. It could be that banner ads are now synonymous with viruses or that people don’t want to have their browsing interrupted. Either way, using them